Commission - Caballos Peranos

CABALLOS PERUANOS ~ Oil on Canvas ~ 42" x 72"

This commissioned portrait of Peruvian Pasos is in the collection of Terry and Roberta Ellis, Green Gate Ranch, New Ulm, Texas.
Scroll down for an explanation of the process involved in creating this commissioned equine portrait, and for an unsolicited testimonial from the owner.

There are two things I love about commissioned work:

1. I like learning about new things and new places, and am always willing and eager to take on assignments involving travel.

2. And, as in the mural STAGE, I especially enjoy the added challenge of doing site-specific work. I am good at working with others, such as clients, architects and designers, in an effort to make the work fit into and enhance their concepts. I take delight in finding novel solutions and inventing new approaches.

Please feel free to call or email me to discuss pricing and scheduling for any projects you have in mind. We also offer an interesting and affordable leasing plan. This is of special interest to restaurants and others in need of works done in series. I have done several of these series, and have others already in mind, but would be most interested in hearing your ideas.

Call 505 982-4561 now to commission an artwork for your home or office.

Terms for commissioned works are: 50% in advance, 50% on completion. Satisfaction Guaranteed. I prefer to work from my own photographs and video, taken in the subject's own familiar surroundings. I will of course consider other reference materials in cases of posthumous portraiture.


These were preliminary watercolor studies for the painting Caballos Peruanos.

This was the final, agreed upon study, computer generated, and based on elements taken from the first three.


HORSE PORTRAITS, from the Lone Star Letter, June, 2003

In the last issue of the newsletter, I wrote about the painting of our horses which we commissioned and the artist, John Farnsworth. We spend most of the summer at our house in Taos, New Mexico, where he works.

When we arrived in Taos this year, we walked to his gallery to see how the painting was coming along. Were we surprised to see it finished and hanging in the most prominent spot! It is 42 inches by 72 inches and truly spectacular. It depicts two of our stallions on either side of three mares.

The gallery had an open house, which we attended, and visitors and local artists were extremely complimentary of the painting. Several people wanted to buy it:

John said he really enjoyed doing the painting and hates to see it leave. He said it is like having a child leave home. Fred Rowan of Cassique Plantation has commissioned a similar painting of his horses. Fred's horses are staying at our ranch at the moment and John took photos of Fred's horses as well as ours in preparation for organizing the paintings' composition.

John sent several watercolors to us and we picked the poses we liked from each for the final painting. We don't look forward to Texas in the summer, but we'll be taking the painting home and can hardly wait to see how it looks in our house.

Anyone interested can check out the finished painting in color at - click on "What's New," If you would like to commission a painting of your horses, please contact John. He is a delight to work with as is his wife, Thea.

Roberta Ellis, Green Gate Ranch, New Ulm, Texas