Wow! It’s fun to be married to an artist!  

One day around 1996 we were visiting John’s beloved Taos. He had shared many stories with me about his influences and family history with Taos.
However, I am an Arizona woman and liked the big city of Scottsdale and the high fashion world that had been my life before this wildly exciting Farnsworth swept me into his arms and into a life immersed in fine art. I knew he wanted to live in New Mexico, but I was certainty not going to leave a life filled with generations of family in Arizona. 
As we were looking around I noticed a fascinating little road, almost a trail, just off the highway. I suggested we drive down this storybook looking road. This little trail of a bumpy road took us right into the driveway of what became RAVENSTRACK. I sat calmly in the car while John took a walk around and an overwhelming feeling of being home in this beautiful but starkly bare old adobe 
home captivated me. The beginning of a wonderful story! 
Shortly after moving into a more than 100 year old adobe, winter closed in and this low desert gal was shocked into a very negative place, even the beautiful adobe walls and wonderful vigas holding up the ancient board ceiling could not lift my dark mood. Farnsworth to the rescue. He knew that I had been a happy retailer with a beautiful shoe salon in Scottsdale in my earlier life. He knew this experience would quickly translate to the fine art gallery business. Farnsworth Gallery was born. Wow! 
John and I would frequently dream and scheme together about our new life here in Taos, New Mexico. While sitting outside by the little gardens I had started, John noticed that the ravens loved flying through our yard to play in the wind. The house sits on a ridge that looks over a lovely valley. This ridge creates an updraft making a playground for ravens just above the gardens. John started referring to our home as RAVENSTRACK and we love sharing it with the ravens.
The old adobe home at Ravenstrack has inspired both of us to fill it with fine art and fun found treasures. We can’t stand to pass up resale shops, junk stores or antiques. 
paintbrushes in a basket
John Farnsworth has been a full time artist, creating paintings inspired by the beauty around him since a young adult. His beautiful paintings live in homes and collections everywhere.
We love our home at Ravenstrack, and hope that you will too.
living room in taos new mexico
looking out the window in taos new mexico
guest room in taos new mexico
We kept the old mud floors in the guest room.
bedroom in taos new mexico
house interior in taos new mexico
potted flowers in front of old adobe in taos new mexico
garden in taos new mexico
view of the valley in taos new mexico