The Visionary Art of John Farnsworth: Breaking the Rules with Composition and Light

John Farnsworth is an artist who defies the ordinary, transforming the conventional into the extraordinary with his unique perspective on composition and light. Known for his vibrant portrayals of the American Southwest, Farnsworth's artistry goes beyond mere representation; it is a visionary celebration of the way he sees his subjects and chooses what to paint.

Masterful Composition

Farnsworth’s compositions are a deliberate break from tradition, where each element is carefully placed not only to guide the viewer’s eye but also to evoke emotion and tell a story. His ability to balance visual elements within a frame turns landscapes and scenes into dynamic narratives. Each unexpected composition is a study in visual harmony, often leading viewers into the painting through unconventional perspectives that challenge and captivate.

Innovative Use of Light

Light plays a pivotal role in Farnsworth’s paintings, acting almost as a character in its own right. He has a unique ability to capture light in such a way that it enhances the mood of the piece, whether it’s the harsh noon sunlight casting deep shadows or the soft, diffused glow of a sunset. Farnsworth’s use of light not only illuminates but also transforms; it accentuates textures, highlights contours, and adds a layer of depth that invites viewers to look closer.

Choosing the Subject

Farnsworth is selective about his subjects, often choosing scenes and elements that others might overlook. This selective vision reflects his deeper quest to find beauty and significance in the ordinary, turning it into something extraordinary through his art. Whether it’s a rugged landscape, a bustling market, or a quiet corner of nature, he finds the essence of the moment and elevates it onto the canvas.

A Rule-Breaker in the Best Way

John Farnsworth is indeed a rule-breaker, but always in the best way possible. His art defies expectations, challenges norms, and redefines what it means to be a modern painter. Since the late 1960's, he has broken the rules not for the sake of rebellion but for innovation and expression, pushing the boundaries of what art can communicate and evoke.

In John Farnsworth's works, we see not just paintings, but the celebration of a visionary artist who sees the world differently. His compositions, mastery of light, and unique subject choices continue to inspire and influence both art lovers and aspiring artists. Farnsworth’s legacy is one of boldness, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of beauty—a true testament to breaking the rules in the most beautiful way.

Some examples of Farnsworth's daily paintings:


painting of a bull head
painting of a chakwaina warrior kachina
painting of deer skull with Christmas lights
painting of close up american bison or buffalo head


Some examples of Farnsworth's horse paintings:


southwest style painting of horses
painting of a white horse a brown horse and a red horse
painting of three horses nuzzling
painting of a yellow horse with some other horses


Some examples of Farnsworth's vintage paintings:

vintage pastel drawing of native american drummers
vintage pastel of native american butterfly dancers
vintage pastel of native american ceremony with feather headdress