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Life isn’t easy on the Chihuahuan Desert of Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Neighbors can be few and far between, winters cold and summers hot, and there’s scant shelter from the wind. When rain does come, it’s usually instant, heavy, and gone as fast as it came, disappearing rapidly into the parched earth.

The wildlife, clean air and clear skies, the open spaces, quiet and serenity combined with the privacy, and freedom and the satisfaction borne of self-reliance and tenacity make it all worthwhile for the hardy souls who choose this challenging life.

And that creaking, clanging old windmill, peeking up from behind the rare tree, drawing water from deep below the inhospitable surface makes it possible.


On the subject, again, of painting from photographs, here is the step by step explanation of how this painting, DRY COUNTRY, came to be:

Dry Country photo

I started with an image shot from my car window on the way to teach a workshop down in Lincoln County, New Mexico, in 2005. Using ACDSee, I cropped it down to the most interesting parts, and in a square format for the daily painting. I pumped up the contrast a little to see if it showed promise, and flipped it horizontally. That’s when I knew I was on to something. I increased the contrast again, and heightened the colors, exaggerated them, actually, so that I could better see “into” the photograph. Then, as usual, I displayed it on my monitor to work from,

I chose to lower the horizon considerably by leaving out, or downplaying a lot of the middle ground. I moved the house closer to the windmill and trees to tighten up the center of interest, and made up some clouds suggested by those in the photograph. I made them larger and closer in order to make the structures seem smaller, and to show the promise of rain that is so important to the Southwest.

There’s more to painting from a photograph than I think most people realize."


What you get when you order:

As soon as you order, you’ll get a confirmation email and tracking information. Then printing starts. Once your order has been printed and carefully packaged, you’ll be notified by email that it has shipped! Please note: It can take up to two weeks to receive your print, but it’s usually faster.

Your canvas print will arrive safely in sturdy cardboard packaging, and be ready to hang right out of the box. 

We're a family affair here at Farnsworth Studio, with Rosa, John's daughter, at the helm of our digital operations. And when it comes to satisfaction, we've got you covered with our no-questions-asked guarantee.

Elevate your space with soulful images created from original artwork, adding a touch of your personal style to any room.

With a unique approach, John Farnsworth breathes new life into traditional southwestern imagery, infusing it with a fresh and contemporary perspective that has captivated collectors and critics alike for decades.

Over the course of several years, John Farnsworth painted over 1400 daily paintings, chronicled on his blog A Farnsworth A Day, which later turned into a daily photography blog. These daily creations, primarily 6x6 inch oil paintings but also including a variety of sizes and watercolors, showcased his prolific talent and unwavering dedication to his craft.  What began as a platform for sharing his artistic endeavors evolved into a captivating visual diary, offering glimpses into his creative process.

Join the Daily Painting movement as John Farnsworth takes you on an artistic journey through the heart of the American Southwest and beyond. With each brushstroke, discover a unique blend of skill and spontaneity, capturing the vibrant spirit of the Southwest in his small, daily masterpieces. Join us on this creative adventure and experience the joy of collecting prints of his original artworks that speak to the soul. In the world of daily painting, where artists commit to creating a small painting every day, exploring new techniques, and building on a consistent creative practice. It's a movement that offers a glimpse into the artist's process, providing collectors with a direct connection to the art and the artist's journey. 

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