poster of a painting of tasaf kachina by john farnsworth
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8x10 inch unframed poster of Daily Painting #998, TASAF KACHINA, by John Farnsworth

"Tasaf, or Dasup is the Navajo Kachina. No, not one of those Kachinas, the ones made by Navajos getting on the commercial bandwagon, but a true Hopi Kachina representing the Navajo spirit.

There are several reasons this is one of my most favorite Kachinas to paint. When I left my job with McGee's Indian Den and Museum in Scottsdale to work as a trader on the Navajo Reservation, at the Greasewood Springs Trading Post, near Lukaichukai, my boss, Bill McGee, gave me a beautiful Dasup Kachina as a going away present. It remains the star of my Kachina collection.

Later, when I began painting full-time, that was the first Kachina I ever painted. I have since painted a variety of different Tasaf Kachinam in many different ways, and in watercolor, acrylics, and, of course, oils."


SIZE: 8x10 inches

This is a common frame size, or you can just pin it to the wall if you're wanting a more casual look. Renting? Framing it and leaning it against the wall on top of a dresser or shelf looks great!

Soulful images, created from original artwork, really infuse your personal style into a space.