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8x10 inch unframed poster of Daily Painting #1035, WAKAS (COW KACHINA), by John Farnsworth

"Wakas is the Hopi take on the Spanish word for cattle, VACAS. This is definitely a rare version of the Cow Kachina. But an intriguing one."


SIZE: 8x10 inches

This is a common frame size, or you can just pin it to the wall if you're wanting a more casual look. Renting? Framing it and leaning it against the wall on top of a dresser or shelf looks great!

Soulful images, created from original artwork, really infuse your personal style into a space.

With a unique approach, John Farnsworth breathes new life into traditional southwestern imagery, infusing it with a fresh and contemporary perspective that has captivated collectors and critics alike for decades.

His favorite all time subject, John Farnsworth's Kachina paintings reflect a deep appreciation and admiration for this rich cultural tradition. Each painting is a testament to Farnsworth's passion for preserving and celebrating the artistry and spirituality of the Kachina tradition, making them cherished pieces for collectors who share his love for this iconic aspect of Southwestern heritage.