poster of a painting of wupomo kachina by john farnsworth
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8x10 inch unframed poster of Daily Painting #1005, WUPOMO KACHINA, by John Farnsworth

"Wupomo is a fierce Kachina guard whose job is to keep the crowds away from the power of the other Kachinas during dances.

This particular dancer would be seen wearing a mask made from a yucca sifter basket, which explains the round, flattened shape of his head. The Kachinas, carriers of messages to the heavens asking for rain, productive crops, fertility, all the things of a good, simple life, are represented in these small dolls, carved from cottonwood root, and given to the children as tools for learning the intricacies of the Hopi religion. They have, over the years, also become much sought after by collectors. Their primitive, yet sophisticated design speaks to me much as African art spoke to artists such as Picasso."


SIZE: 8x10 inches
This is a common frame size, or you can just pin it to the wall if you're wanting a more casual look. Renting? Framing it and leaning it against the wall on top of a dresser or shelf looks great!

Soulful images, created from original artwork, really infuse your personal style into a space.